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12 skin-soothing ingredients, all at their highest concentrations, are combined to reduce skin redness

Soothing Serum


MLA Soothing Serum is designed for the needs of sensitive and easily irritated skin.  It has been specially formulated to prevent and reduce the appearance of redness and to immediately relieve mild skin irritation. As confirmed in the clinical trial, it is an outstanding redness reduction serum.


Soothing Serum is a combination of naturally calming extracts from chamomile oil, ginger root, and sea algae, plus a selection of multiple other therapeutic and soothing ingredients including Green Tea and Willowherb extracts, and an anti-irritant based upon the soothing properties of oats.


1.0 Oz/30 ml pipe $85.00 pipe Qty:


  • Soothes redness and irritation

  • Skin tone appears more uniform

  • Color will become more even

Key Ingredients

  • Aldavine: helps maintain the integrity of the capillary circulation; reduces skin irritation; redness reduction ingredient

  • Abyssine: moisturizes skin by strengthening the moisture barrier

  • Dermochlorella: peptide; increases firmness and tone of the skin; protects the skin against breakdown of collagen and elastin; supports the collagen matrix in the skin

  • SymRelief: botanical (based on ginger); anti-irritant; redness reduction ingredient

  • Goji Berry Extract: botanical; antioxidant; redness reduction ingredient; reduces irritation

  • Perfect 9 Complex: blend of nine anti-aging and soothing ingredients

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Made in the USA. MLA Skincare does not test on animals.
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