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  Perfect 9 Complex Ingredients

Every product in the MLA Skincare line contains all of the anti-aging and soothing ingredients in the Perfect 9 Complex plus additional ingredients carefully selected to target specific needs.



Perfect 9 Complex Anti-Aging Ingredients

Contains a peptide and ceramide; supports the skin barrier function; assists with ultraviolet light protection; anti-wrinkle ingredient
Contains peptides and botanicals; reduces inflammation, supports collagen, and helps prevent collagen breakdown; it is also an antioxidant

Olive extract botanical; anti-oxidant; reduces skin irritation
Peptide; stimulates and supports the collagen matrix; anti-wrinkle ingredient
Botanical; moisturizes the skin; supports elastin fibers; antioxidant; anti-wrinkle ingredient

Perfect 9 Complex Soothing Ingredients

Green Tea
Botanical; outstanding antioxidant; skin calming
Botanical; reduces inflammation; skin calming
Botanical; based on the soothing properties of oats; skin calming; reduces redness and irritation
Converts to vitamin B5 in living tissue; moisturizes; acts as a humectant and emollient





Glossary of Terms

A substance that prevents other materials from becoming "oxidized" and undergoing a chemical change. In the body, highly reactive substances called free radicals are constantly being produced. Free radicals can readily damage the body's own cells. In living tissues, antioxidants remove free radicals before they can damage normal tissues.
A plant derived extract that may come from leaves, roots, fruits, berries, stems, barks, and flowers. Botanicals form the largest category of active ingredients in skin care products.
A fatty material that is found in the top layer of the skin. Ceramides play a major role in forming the skin barrier.
The major protein in the skin. Loss of collagen leads to wrinkles, lines, and overall skin deterioration.
A skin protein that gives the skin its property of “snapping back” into its original position when it is stretched or pinched.
A substance that softens the skin or soothes skin irritation. Emollients reduce dryness, improve skin scaling, and give the skin a smooth soft texture. 
A substance that has a skin moisturizing effect. Humectants increase the moisture level in the upper layers of the skin
A peptide is best thought of as a very small protein molecule. In skin care, peptides are used to support the collagen matrix and to stimulate new collagen production. This in turn leads to a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles in the skin.

Skin Barrier Function
The skin barrier is responsible for maintaining proper skin hydration. The normal day-to-day exposure of the skin to hot water, detergents, trauma, extremes of weather, and other skin insults damages the skin barrier. This in turn leads to a loss of skin moisture and results in skin dryness. Repair of the skin barrier is necessary in order to maintain proper skin hydration.
Ultraviolet Light
That part of the light spectrum that has shorter wavelengths than visible light. Ultraviolet light is responsible for aging of the skin and for skin changes that can lead to many of the skin cancers that occur in sun exposed areas.



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Made in the USA. MLA Skincare does not test on animals.
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