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  The MLA Difference

There are six key differences between MLA Skincare products and other currently available skin care products. These differences are what make the MLA Skincare line unique. As a result, MLA Skincare products are ideal for improving the appearance of aging skin and for keeping younger skin looking healthy and beautiful. They provide exceptional anti-aging skin care and rejuvenation.



Powerful Yet Gentle™

MLA Skincare products are formulated with the most beneficial skin care ingredients available today. Every ingredient has been carefully chosen based upon scientific evidence of unsurpassed effectiveness, safety, and purity. Ingredients that have shown even a remote potential for harshness, such as glycolic acid, hydroquinone, and propylene glycol, are specifically excluded from these formulations. In their place, multiple active ingredients are combined in order to deliver the optimum performance from each of the products.

At MLA Skincare, we call this principle “Powerful Yet Gentle™,” and we incorporate it into the design of every MLA Skincare product. As a result, the MLA Skincare line is unmatched in its quality, efficacy, and gentleness on the skin.


Perfect 9 Complex

Every product in the MLA Skincare line takes advantage of the nine anti-aging and soothing ingredients present in the Perfect 9 Complex™, which is included in every product formulation. In addition, every product contains its own unique array of additional ingredients, depending on the specific requirements of that particular product.

This means that every product in the MLA line is highly effective in its anti-aging ability, soothing ability, and in the specific condition for which the product is used, simultaneously.




Unique Textures

MLA Skincare products have unique textures that sink right into the skin, leaving no residue on the skin. The serums are not thin and watery. Rather, they have a light and luxurious texture, with instant absorption. There is no greasy residue.


Highly Effective Even On The Most Sensitive Skin

Because no ingredient that has even a remote potential for harshness is used in the formulations, MLA Skincare products provide highly effective skin care even on the most sensitive skin.

“My goal was to create skin care products that dramatically improve the appearance of aging skin, keep younger skin looking healthy and beautiful, and are gentle enough to be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive. I am very gratified that the men and women who have used my MLA Skincare products have found them to be so beneficial.”

-Mary Lee Amerian, MD









A Problem – Solution Skin Care Line

MLA Skincare products are designed to be used in a “Problem – Solution” manner. The skin care line includes products specifically formulated to be anti-aging, to improve skin dullness, brown spots, and blotchiness, to reduce redness, and to restore the youthful appearance of the eye area. This allows each MLA Skincare user to select the products that are best for her or his unique skin care needs, leading to a customized treatment for each individual person!


Independent Testing

Each product in the MLA Skincare line contains multiple active ingredients, as many as 15 actives. As a result, MLA Skincare products are very effective. This is confirmed in the independently performed randomized controlled clinical study of sixty-eight patients. Yet, these impressive clinical results are achieved without using any harsh ingredients.

Very few skin care lines subject themselves to this kind of independent randomized testing. See the results of this independent study by clicking here.


These are six significant differences between MLA Skincare products and other products currently available. These six differences are what make the MLA Skincare line unique.
















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Made in the USA. MLA Skincare does not test on animals.
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