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  The MLA Difference

  “Dr. Mary Lee Amerian's new skin care line is fabulous. I recently finished three weeks of filming a show and found my skin looking tired and dull. After two days of using MLA Skincare products, I saw and felt the glow return. The products made my skin feel clean and firm. Now, Dr. Amerian can reach out to others with her new skin care line, which I highly recommend!”
Tracey Ullman, actor

“The Power Cream is an all-around favorite. I love the luxurious texture of it and how fast it absorbs. There was absolutely no greasiness or heaviness at all. Most importantly, I love how it makes my skin look. After a full 30-day testing cycle my skin was noticeably glowing. It seemed as if the Power Cream had just rolled the years back.”
Girl Get Glamorous MLA Skincare review
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“Dr. Mary Lee Amerian has developed an exceptional line of skin care products. Within a couple of days of using MLA products, my skin felt hydrated and well nourished. I have been using MLA products for about six weeks, and my skin has never looked or felt so good.  Thank you Dr. Amerian for the perfect skin care products for my active lifestyle.”

Karen Martin, Santa Clarita CA


“I have used Dr. Amerian's new products for six months and I love them.  My skin is smoother and I have fewer fine lines.  My brown spots are much improved and my skin has a radiant glow. I highly recommend these products for anyone who wants younger and fresher looking skin.”

Jennifer Stahlmann, Palm Beach Gardens FL


“Since I have been on MLA Skincare, my skin has never looked better!  My redness has calmed down, and my brown spots are much better. Everybody says that I look ten years younger.  My skin has a fresher, younger, and firmer appearance.  Thank you Dr. Amerian for these wonderful products.  They are divine.”

Jonee Jue, Venice CA


“I love the way the products sink right into my skin, where they can go right to work.  I have brown spots and redness in my skin.  These products lessened both.  My skin is clearer and more vibrant!”

Barbara Thorne, Camarillo CA



“I really liked the products; they went on easily and were not heavy, cakey, or oily.  I noticed that the fine lines around my eyes and the dark circles are gone.  Thank you for sharing these wonder creams and serums.”

Elizabeth Comley, Brentwood CA


“I feel like I look 10 years younger.”

Claudine Aranda, San Antonio TX


“It was amazing that the products didn't feel greasy or heavy.  It was like my skin needed the nourishment and soaked it in.  My skin feels younger and refreshed, even before make-up.  I loved this product!  I can't wait for it to be available every day.”

Independent Study Participant, Rockland ME


“I went into Dr. Amerian's office for my normal check-up, and was given a few samples of her new skin care line.  As a busy working mom/producer, I had ignored my skin & it was dry and dull.  The moment I put the face moisturizer on, it felt so soothing and wonderful.  I used it for just two days, and people actually commented that I looked less tired and that my skin looked good!  I've never spent money on physician skin care lines before because I honestly felt one brand was much like another.  But Dr. Amerian's skin care line has made my skin look and feel so much better that I am a total convert.  Thanks for developing such great products!!”

Pamela Eells, Malibu CA


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Made in the USA. MLA Skincare does not test on animals.
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